I have more than 12 years of experience transforming elephants into successful business professionals.


I eat grammar for breakfast.

As an instructional designer, translator, and teacher, I spend my whole day thinking about the best way to use the English language.


I absolutely love what I do.

Helping my students master English empowers them personally and puts them in the right position for exciting professional opportunities.


I am a lifetime language learner.

I speak fluent Spanish, intermediate Portuguese, and take baby steps with my Basque. Each language is a new and fascinating world.

Company Classes

Virtual and in-person Business English courses

  • Learn to solve real-world communication challenges in the workplace.  You will be able to master giving presentations, managing conference calls, sending sensitive emails, negotiating deals, cross-cultural collaboration, and more.

  • My clients include DirecTV, Thomson Reuters, Heineken, Grundfos, Becalos, Globant, Farfetch, Neoenergia, Abanca, Mapfre, Cerealto, and others.

  • Pricing and availability upon request.


Adult Individual Classes

Virtual individual classes for business professionals and academics.

  • Personalized to fit your individual learning objectives. You will be given ample opportunities to practice the language in contexts that are relevant to you and you will receive maximum exposure to new input.

  • Greater flexibility, same accountability. Virtual classes allow for a seamless adaption to the complex schedules and life demands of working professionals. They also make it easier to access the wealth of English material available in the online creative commons.

  • My students are software engineers, HR representatives, bank managers, CEOs, PhD students, scientists, lawyers, nurses, and anyone who has a desire to perfect their English fluency.

  • Comprehensive feedback during and after class. In addition to real-time corrections in class, you will receive comprehensive written feedback after each class with suggestions for further study.

  • Pricing and availability upon request.

Official Exam Preparation
  • Cambridge First, Advanced, & Proficiency Exams I have helped over 600 students pass their Cambridge exams. Learn how to communicate effectively along with the best test-taking strategies for this exam format.

  • IELTS & TOEFL The first step in preparing  yourself for academic or professional life in an English-speaking country is to pass the official language exam. I can help you achieve a high score and develop daily routines that will continue to boost your overall fluency.

  • Pricing and availability upon request.


Coming Soon!

Are you a new student?

Finding the right teacher is absolutely crucial to our success as learners.

We all know what it’s like when we “click” with someone and they make us feel valued. That’s why I offer a free 30-minute introductory session for all new students. You can learn a little bit about me and my teaching style and I will have the chance to assess your level and talk about your goals and expectations.

Hope to see you soon!